Ameriband Connect helps solve the indoor cellular coverage in challenging locations such as retail, healthcare, and education. Ameriband Connect is an industry standard solution to enable your Wi-Fi network to behave like an indoor cellular network.

Best Wi-Fi Service Provider Solution: American Bandwidth


American Bandwidth is a company that is solving indoor coverage problems with a fast and free solution that benefits both enterprises and carriers. By connecting Wi-Fi and cellular networks seamlessly and securely, the company is providing a better user experience in a world reliant on connectivity.


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The vast majority of mobile traffic is consumed indoors yet indoor 4G & 5G mobile networks often deliver poor indoor coverage. At the same time operators know that deploying 4G or 5G indoor coverage solutions is costly and therefore not a realistic alternative for many indoor venues. The answer – of course – is to use Wi-Fi to deliver an exceptional indoor connectivity experience. In this webinar we will explore:

  • How carrier-grade Wi-Fi (in most cases) is the ideal indoor mobile coverage solution
  • How Passpoint-based technology enables secure, auto-connect Wi-Fi for venues
  • How Meijer hypermarkets across the US are using auto-connect Wi-Fi for quality indoor coverage
  • How carriers benefit from a convergent, Passpoint-based approach to indoor mobile services
  • How Wi-Fi solutions from Juniper/Mist simplify Passpoint integration

American Bandwidth connects users to Wi-Fi at thousands of US venues

‘Wi-Fi offload’ means extending 4G & 5G networks seamlessly to include Wi-Fi services offered by venue networks – and this is exactly what newcomer American Bandwidth is doing for thousands of venues and two large mobile service providers across the US. The benefits for venues, mobile subscribers, and mobile operators are vast and the interest level is growing fast..

American Bandwidth: Unlocking Seamless Indoor Cellular Connectivity

Based on Passpoint, Ameriband eliminates the need for users to find and authenticate on a Wi-Fi network each time they visit by using SIM credentials for their carrier to authenticate in the background. The company’s carrier relationships allow for secure and seamless access to customer’s Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi equipment with Passpoint enabled offers carrier-grade security, leveraging the advanced authentication platforms of cellular networks while increasing usage control of mobile devices on a given Wi-Fi network.