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Ameriband Connect is an industry-standard solution that streamlines network access between your current Wi-Fi network and carrier cellular networks.

There are no passwords or log-in screens; the users are automatically connected to the network using the SIM credentials for their carrier. Wi-Fi equipment with Passpoint enabled offers carrier-grade security – leveraging the advanced authentication platforms of cellular networks, while increasing control of what mobile devices can do on your Wi-Fi network.

Ameriband Connect can be enabled anywhere that you have deployed Wi-Fi, making this a convenient solution for small businesses with poor cellular connectivity as well as large, highly utilized Wi-Fi network environments such as event and destination venues.

Almost every smartphone in the U.S. already has a Passpoint profile installed. American Bandwidth’s carrier relationships allow you to enable secure, seamless access to your Wi-Fi network. Because Wi-Fi Calling is enabled by default on these smartphones, it provides an economical solution to improve cellular coverage wherever you have deployed Wi-Fi.

With Ameriband Connect, you have control of the quality of service that your users experience. With modern Wi-Fi 5, 6 or 6E networks and a high-quality Internet connection, you can offer fast speeds and very low latency, enabling an indoor equivalent to 5G levels of service.

Ameriband Connect Requirements

Ameriband Connect can be easily configured on almost any Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 6E network.

To provide a high-quality experience for your users, we recommend that the guest VLAN that you enable for Passpoint provide the highest speeds and lowest latency possible.

In order to meet carrier requirements, your Wi-Fi network must meet the following minimum measurements:

These measurements can be gathered on a smartphone using commonly available apps such as Speedtest.

If your network meets these requirements, American Bandwidth can provide you with support for Passpoint configuration and integration, enabling secure, seamless connectivity for at least two Tier 1 carriers. Typical integrations can be completed during a single one-hour call, allowing you to quickly benefit from improved coverage for your users.

Ameriband Connect includes additional configuration guidance to optimize your network for Wi-Fi Calling.

The solution supports almost any enterprise Wi-Fi equipment manufacturer. Currently integrated vendors include:

Ameriband Connect has been deployed at major retail chains with thousands of stores, hundreds of hospitals, numerous K-12 school districts, government facilities, office buildings, casinos, colleges and more.

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Connectivity and bandwidth are the lifeblood of today's businesses. For retail chains, hospitals, hotels, convention centers, and other complex environments, providing connectivity for your workforce, partners, and customers can be very challenging. American Bandwidth provides solutions to those challenges and unique business models that reduce the cost or even turn it into a profit center.


LAN / Internet / IoT Edge

Design and Implementation of scalable, high performance, high reliability, secure data network to support all applications and requirements.


Backhaul & Fronthaul

For Carriers seeking connectivity at or near enterprise locations, we provision a high-capacity WAN and segmented access technologies and solutions.


Interior Cellular Coverage

End-to-end Hotspot 2.0 solutions enabling your Wi-Fi network to seamlessly and securely connect cellular customers, resolving coverage and capacity problems.


High Density Wi-Fi

We define and optimize robust, secure Wi-Fi solutions for all applications – internal, public / guest access, concessionaire / partner.


SDWAN Solutions

We recommend and deploy solutions that both match your requirements as well as the WAN solution(s) supporting the SDWAN.


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We provide a private LTE network utilizing our Layer 2 WAN product, your existing connectivity solution, or both.

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