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American Bandwidth has started a Coverage Revolution!

In an increasingly connected world, seamless indoor cellular coverage within commercial, retail, healthcare, and educational facilities is no longer a luxury – it's an essential component of effective communication and efficient operations.

With the reliance on mobile technology for everything from POS systems in retail stores, patient health record access in hospitals, to e-learning platforms in educational institutions, uninterrupted coverage is a necessity.

A poor signal can disrupt transactions, hinder access to crucial information, and negatively impact productivity, causing potential losses in revenue and customer trust. Moreover, in emergency situations, particularly in healthcare and educational settings, strong cellular coverage can quite literally be a lifeline.

Our state-of-the-art indoor cellular solutions provide robust, reliable connections where you need them most, ensuring your facility is not just keeping pace with the digital age, but driving the future of connectivity.

What we offer

Connectivity and bandwidth are the lifeblood of today's businesses. For retail chains, hospitals, hotels, convention centers, and other complex environments, providing connectivity for your workforce, partners, and customers can be very challenging. American Bandwidth provides solutions to those challenges and unique business models that reduce the cost or even turn it into a profit center.

Indoor Cellular Coverage

We help you leverage capabilities your customer's devices and your Wi-Fi infrastructure already has (PassPoint) and we enable carrier-approved connectivity between your Wi-Fi network and the carrier’s cellular networks.

Carrier adoption of Wi-Fi calling and Passpoint means an immediate improvement in wireless service, and a drop in complaints when we connect and enable your Wi-Fi network to the cell carriers.

Wi-Fi Infrastructure

The American Bandwidth team has designed, implemented, and operated advanced Wi-Fi networks since nearly the beginning of the 802.11 Wi-Fi era in the 90's. We design both green field infrastructures as well as upgrade scenarios.

We also design and deploy public Wi-Fi solutions and shared Wi-Fi infrastructures in locations such as airports, hotels, campuses, and retail locations.

Bandwidth and Backhaul

With our technical and customer support teams, dedicated partners, and carriers, we can deliver bandwidth and connectivity solutions at scale, nationwide, in complex environments.

These three elements—bandwidth, circuits, and backhaul—help ensure that WANs are able to deliver reliable, high-speed connectivity over large geographical areas.

We have solutions to your bandwidth challenges!

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Our Expert Team

American Bandwidth was founded by industry thought leaders who have designed and deployed large scale network and connectivity solutions to some of the most complex environments in the world such as airports, retail chains, and metropolitan areas.

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Howard Buzick

SVP Business Development

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VP Roaming Account Mgmt

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SVP Engineering

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We provide network and connectivity solutions enabling opportunities for retailers and commercial property owners to provide and monetize bandwidth to your customers and partners.

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